Website Design for Housing

Creating an effective website for a housing association often requires a host of features so that it can be maintained into the future. Some of these require content-management, for in-house website management, others are bespoke website solutions.

Bespoke Websites for Housing

We create micro-sites and bespoke websites for the housing sector when clients need something simpler, or indeed more complex. Bespoke websites for housing are ideal for creating specific, short, sharp messages, or for creating a simple web presence for your business.

Our knowledge as commercial web designers is combined with our experience of creating websites for organisations in the housing sector, resulting in much more effective solutions for your residents, tenants, customers and indeed for your own business.

Effective Web Build

Our websites are all built to high standards of compliance for accessibility. They are also built with usability in mind. Our (ever growing) knowledge of creating the best possible website is applied to every web solution we create:

  • Usability - making sure the people that actually use your website can make sense of it.
  • Appropriate content - structured and written to maximise the equity of each page. When you create a web page, we can advise on content and the way the web pages are split to maximise the effectiveness of each web page.
  • Future proofing - hard to guarantee by anyone, but by sticking to W3C standards we are ensuring maximum future proofing for your website.
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Being found for the right things (if at all) in the search engines is a necessity on the web. Enabling your website as a participating member of the web community will enhance your website status online.