Branding & Design

  • Corporate identity / logo design
  • Brand research and design
  • Brand guidelines


Branding within the housing sector is essential for your business, you don't need us to tell you. Creating the right message for your company and the resulting branding can help with perceptions about who you are and what your housing organisation stands for.

Your customers are looking for certain reassurances that can be conveyed through the brand of your housing association and any identity that you create needs to be flexible, cost-effective and based around the needs of your audience. Your RSL identity needs to work across a multitude of applications.

The colours of your logo can impact cost. Applied across the board, you could make huge savings if your identity is optimised. Your housing logo will also be used for many very different applications including print, signage, clothing, exhibitions, on the web with restrictions of scale, etc. so it needs to be adaptable.

Brand Management

Having a great, recognisable brand is important and can be implemented and controlled until the point where it starts getting used company-wide. The more your employees stray away from strict application, the more your housing brand will dilute. Having effective brand guidelines and policing those guidelines can make the impact of your brand have more effective wherever it is used.


Interpretation and development of your brand into marketing and information collateral allows for better communication. Designing to the needs and tastes of your audience creates a more engaging experience for them and adds value to your overall housing communications.