Wayfarer Partnership Website Design

Wayfarer website screen shot

Wayfarer is a consortium of eight housing associations operating in Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire. Wayfarer members own and manage more than 32,000 homes.

The consortium wanted a new website aimed at housing associations, their chief executives and funders (including the Housing Corporation). It needed to tie in with other promotional material they were developing alongside an existing brand. The requirement was for a website that had a broader range of information that would demonstrate their strengths and credentials.

We created a design temnplate, using existing elements from Wayfarer's branded campaign and adapted it keeping a consistent look and feel. Our designers working closely with the web developers to ensure the design was fitting for a compliant, accessible website.

During the development, close contact was kept with Wayfarer, ensuring all actions were agreed and implemented smoothly. One of the key features of the site is an interactive map that shows information on developments by county - carefully coded by the developers. This was created with Javascript to enable compliance of code and fleixibility of scope for a range of visitors with different browsing capabilities.

The end result of the project is a clean and clear website that reflects the Wayfarer style and sits comfortably with the promotional material.

Lead for Wayfarer, Interim Manager Peter Bird, commented:

We wanted a fully compliant website that would demonstrate the strengths of the Consortium. As ever, we wanted the website to be developed quickly! The Escape met our very short deadline and delivered a fully functioning site with which we are all very pleased.

Wayfarer Partnership Website