Branding for RLHA and ELM

housing brand for rlha

Creative branding project for umbrella brand and divisional identities.

RLHA first approached us to help with the re-branding of RLHA homes, which was renamed Ethical Leasehold Management (ELM), to better reflect the brand and its services. Whereas RLHA develops sheltered housing for sale to people of retirement age, ELM manages schemes that are not restricted to the elderly.

After the successful implementation of the Elm corporate identity, RLHA asked us to update both identities alongside the Groups identity.

All branding needed to be modern but still appeal to their older client base, capturing the essence of the umbrella brand, and sitting comfortably as a family.

Our creative approach resulted in three style options for each of the brands, implemented on a range of collateral to better visualise the finished identities.

The chosen routes give a consistent look and feel for the group structure and the individual brands work over a range of media, from printed stationery through to online media, which are currently under development.

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